Curing Chambers

Model #: M3-700-16


CTE curing chambers are specifically designed to prepare cement samples for comprehensive strength testing in strict accordance with API and ISO specifications. These pressurized curing chambers contain pressure vessels with controlled heating rates, and are used to cure standard two-inch cement cube samples. CTE curing chambers are available to cover the wide range of temperatures and pressures associated with actual conditions found in oil well cementing applications.


M3-700-16 Datasheets

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M3-700-16 Operation Manual


Water pressurized units are available in pressures up to 5,000psi (35MPa), and temperatures up to 700°F (371°C). The M30-series units use oil as the pressurizing fluid media and come in 30,000psi (207mPa) and 700F (371C). Cement slurries for testing are initially mixed with a constant speed mixer in compliance with API and ISO specifications. The slurry is then poured into slurry molds and the molds are lowered into the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel is brought up to temperature and pressure to meet the conditions of the specific well being studied. Typical values for the increase of temperature and pressure on the samples in the molds are detailed in API Spec10.

M3-700-4 Curing Chamber – 4 Cube, Small Cabinet, 3,600 psi
M3-700-8 Curing Chamber – 8 Cube, Small Cabinet, 3,600 psi
M3-700-8-2 Curing Chamber – Dual, 2×8 Cubes, Full Size Cabinet, 3,600 psi
M3-700-16 Curing Chamber – 16 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 3,600 psi
M5-700-8 Curing Chamber – 8 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 5,000 psi
M5-700-8-2 Curing Chamber – Dual, 2×8 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 5,000 psi
M5-700-16 Curing Chamber – 16 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 5,000 psi
M30-700-8 Curing Chamber – 8 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 30,000 psi
M30-700-8-2 Curing Chamber – Dual, 2×8 Cubes, Full SizeCabinet, 30,000 psi
M30-700-16 Curing Chamber – 16 Cube, Full Size Cabinet, 30,000 psi


Testing to determine the compressive strength of samples is usually done after the samples have been cured for hours or days. The actual testing of the cubes is done with a M5000 compressive strength tester. The tester will crush the samples in compliance with the API Specification 10 requirements. Curing chambers are used in laboratories involved in oil well cement research programs, research and testing of cement additives, cement manufacturer’s quality assurance programs, and in the research and field laboratories of well servicing companies. These units, with their options, cover a wide range of operational temperatures and pressures to simulate a wide variety of down-hole conditions. Both single and dual cell units are available. The dual cell units offer the advantages of a minimum requirement of laboratory space. Dual cabinets also offer a slightly lower cost per cell because two pressure vessels are combined into one cabinet. Digital heater controller allows multiple temperature ramp profile capability to prevent over-shoot. Precise, pressure regulator allows users to set desired pressure. Pressure regulator has integrated cooling to prevent excessive heat build-up and seal failures.


  • Digital heater controller with multiple temperature ramp capability.
  • Special long-life “Bridgeman” seal proven to be extremely reliable under high temperature stress and does not require cooling.
  • Units operate to extremely high temperatures and pressures to include well conditions with geo-thermal temperatures and ultra deep pressures.
  • Operational life can easily exceed ten years with normal routine maintenance.
  • Internal cooling coils permit the circulation of a cooling fluid to cool the chamber – maximizing the number of tests that can be run in a day.
  • Dual cell units are cost efficient and take less laboratory space than two single cells.
  • Every curing chamber is fully tested in the factory to the maximum rating of the unit, ensuring that the instrument is completely and satisfactorily operational.
  • Over pressure safety head contains burst disc to prevent over pressurization.
  • Reduntant safety pressure switch shuts off heaters in case of pressure overload.
  • Swing arm with winch to lift heavy curing chamber molds and plug



Temperature: 700F (371C) / Pressure 3,600psi (24.8mPa)




Input Voltage: 230 VAC (+10%)
Input Power: 12,000W
Current: 30A
Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz


Height: 61 in. (155 cm)
Width: 33 in. (84 cm)
Depth: 30 in. (76 cm)

Net Weight: 1,500lbs (182kg)


Heater Type: External heater bands with high quality insulation jacket. Internal cooling coils.
Heater Control: SS Relay


Temperature: 32 to 105°F (0-40°C)
Environmental Humidity: 0-95% non condensing


Water In/Out: 1/4 MNPT (2)
Air Input: 1/4 MNPT (1): max 120psi, dry


Comes with:

  • 16 cube mold set
  • Torque wrench and hex socket key
  • Spare fuses, filters, rupture disc
  • Power cord ready for your area’s power plug
  • Hoses and fittings to connect to your laboratory utilities

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