Model #: M3020


The CTE Model 3020 Cement Permeability Tester is used to test the relative permeability of a set cement sample. The Model 3020 Permeameter is designed using strict adherence to current API / ISO standards specified in API Spec 10B-2 Appendix G and ISO 10426-2. The Model 3020 consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel, which houses a standard 1-inch diameter cement core sample. A simply designed rubber holder squeezes the sample by tightening the plug down into the pressure vessel. Flow is thereby isolated into the sample without any leakage. Gasses & fluids are passed through the core sample at variable pressures using a highly reliable pressure regulator and accumulator. Pressure and flow rates of the fluid are easily measured and recorded using a pressure gauge and flow-meter, mounted in an easy to view position. Simple operation, top quality parts, and durable construction allow long term and low cost laboratory use.


M3020 Datasheets

M3020 Datasheet_Espanol

M3020 Operation Manual


✔ Easy to install and operate
✔ Easy to use pressure controller and flow meter ensure highly accurate relative permeability measurement.
✔ Safe to operate with high strength stainless steel sample container


Gas Supply: Maximum 500psi (3448 kPa)
Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 14 in (43 x 29 x 35 cm)
Weight: 24 lb / 11 kg


Comes with spare rubber sample holders, ASE wrenches, tubing and connectors to connect to laboratory utilities.

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