Portable Lab 40ft Double

Portable Laboratories

Model #: PL40db


Our purpose built portable container laboratories are primarily designed for the dynamic needs of our oilfield services customers but can be used in many other industry roles. The laboratories are designed with standard and optional configurations depending on specific customer requirements. The laboratories are available in two sizes; 20 and 40 feet long. Our superior quality steel and ISO compliant portable containers are the perfect fit for your mobile needs. Our ceramic and elastomeric roof coatings and thermically controlled interior shield your sensitive instruments from hot and cold climates. Heavy-duty cabinets, benches and storage bays are standard equipment. Our tough and durable finishes provide a longer lasting portable laboratory. For more information on the precise layout and how we might serve you by discussing your custom needs please contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you.


PL20-40 Datasheets

PL20-40 Datasheet_Espanol


• Air compressor, 5hp, 60 gallon
• Electric water heater
• Double, stainless steel sink with faucet and sediment trap
• Compressed air, nitrogen, water, vent and drains lines
• HVAC with programmable thermostat
• Electric, wall mounted heater
• Custom exterior paint
• Floor, wall and roof insulation
• Ceramic and elastomeric roof coatings
• Finished heavy-duty countertops, cabinets, and desk
• Heavy-duty bench vise and nitrogen bottle rack
• 300 amp, 46 space load center w/main breaker
• 10 duplex 15 amp receptacles; 6 220V 30 amp receptacle; 1 duplex exterior
15 amp GFI receptacle
• Ethernet ports x4
• Interior insulated wall partition seperates HVAC and air compressor from
lab (40ft lab only)
• Exterior mounted HVAC and air compressor (20ft lab only)
• Fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, emergency exit sign
• Eye wash over sink
• Equipment tie-down rings
• 36” stainless steel vent hood and 8” lab wall vent
• Low profile, over-head fluorescent lighting and exterior light
• Steel ISO Container
• 1.5” Hardwood floors overlaid with rubberized single piece flooring
• Exterior, recessed door (36”x84”) with dead bolt lock
• Double pane sliding glass window(18”x24”)


40′ Container Dimensions

Exterior 40’x8’x9.5’
Interior 38.9’x6.7’x8.1’
Floor Space 260sqft, 24sqm
Weight 8,380 lbs., 3,801 kg

20′ Container Dimensions

Exterior 20’x8’x8’
Interior 18.9’x6.7’x8.1’
Floor Space 126sqft, 11.7sqm
Weight 5,290 lbs., 2,400 kg


Input Voltage 220 VAC
Input Power 2000 W
Current 300 AMP
Input Frequency 50 Hz

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