Software Update

Software Updates

Please do not use these updates unless expressly told to do so by CTE technical support as we will not be responsible for any impacts that your use may have on your systems. Please contact us for more information on when, why and how these updates might be helpful to you.

Full installer includes all necessary software for a complete installation. Cementlabinstaller.exe.

Cementlab.exe is the Cement Lab software that controls the instrument. From time to time this file gets updated apart from the installer. The latest version is 5.3.52. Download and paste this into the CementTestEquipment folder usually located in program files on the C:\ Drive. Cementlab.exe.

WARNING: The file links above are for authorized use only. If your instrument is performing properly you do not need a software update. If you perform this update, your software may corrupt, calibration files may be lost and the instrument may become unusable. Please contact Cement Test Equipment for proper procedure. 

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