Upgrades and Overhauls

Upgrades & Overhauls

We routinely refurbish instruments of all types including consistometers and curing chambers. Our process usually entails removing everything except for the frame, doors, and pressure vessel. We then re-populate the machine with brand new components, including: high pressure tubing, front panel, electronics, pumps, solenoids, data acquisition, etc. We make the instrument look and perform better than new. We then fully test and calibrate the instrument to verify proper working order.

CTE also offers computer and touch screen upgrades to existing instruments. If you are running an old version of software or operating system, we offer direct upgrades for the instrument to the latest version of Cement Lab software. Upgrading the instrument improves testing functionality and data acquisition results, by giving you superb touch screen interface controls, user definable charting characteristics, and unsurpassable instrument monitoring capability.

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